Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Online Casino Gambling

artificial intelligenceThe human race has witnessed the birth of a new age not so long ago with a new civilisation crossroads focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Soon after the awakening, the Artificial Intelligence has broken the chains of the scientific laboratories and became a household name with the majority of the general population.

Over the past few years, AI has begun to infiltrate itself in different segments of ultra-modern society like gambling industry and online casino gaming. Now the question arises – “Will Artificial Intelligence Able to Make an Impact on Online Gambling”?

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

You might not know or aware of the fact, but AI has been in existence for several years now. You might wonder what Artificial Intelligence actually means. It is a scientific concept that allows machines in reaching a new level of thinking which was earlier reserved solely for human beings. AI would find solutions to all the complicated practical as well as logical problems which will make humans to live their life with more ease and comfort.

Just imagine Artificial Intelligence as your new best friend. Hold your breath as the final motive of AI does not end with solving human problems only. Do you remember Terminator and Skynet?

The ultimate plan, in fact, is to help the machines gather plenty of information and knowledge in a manner that machines are able to learn, repeat, evaluate and make proper changes in their behaviour. Just hope that Judgment Day only happens in the movie and not in real life.

Artificial Intelligence in Online Slots

The moment AI came up, it was bright and evident that the online gaming scenario would change for the better good. It is interesting to say that online slots and artificial intelligence have been sitting on the same table for several years.

The only significant difference between the both is the application of the technology which is improving with every passing day. The best example of the booming and upcoming AI power was demonstrated when Deep Stack, a poker-playing AI, beat the professional human players in a game of Texas Hold’em Poker.

Will AI have any Effect on Luck in Casino Games?

If Artificial Intelligence steps in, will Luck step out from the casino games? It is an important question that will intrigue and confuse all the casino players at some point shortly. From a logical perspective, it is highly likely that AI would indeed take away a little bit of the lady luck from gambling.

A study was conducted recently where it was found that Artificial Intelligence can indeed predict the overall behaviour of a gambler mathematically. By looking for unusual player nature and their action, Futurespace’s machines were able to catch players who were cheating while playing the video games.

Future of AI and Online Gambling

We can quickly notice that Artificial Intelligence has become an essential tool for the online casinos and players. AI is being increasingly used in the recent times for enhancing the competitiveness and fairness of the casino games. It is likely to grow in prominence shortly and would undoubtedly change the way casino games are played right now.

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